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Whether your kids are in public school or you’re homeschoolers like us, you need supplies. Pens, pencils, and paper galore! I’ve narrowed down a few of our favorite homeschool supplies that we keep coming back to year after year. Here we go!

Please note: I’ve included affiliate links in this post. As an amazon associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. If you’d like more information, you can take a look at my disclosure.

Scrabble Tiles

We use these to help us out with spelling practice. Sometimes writing and oral narration can be frustrating – we’ve found that bringing these tiles into it helps keep things fun.

scrabble tiles for spelling practice

Laminating Machine

This one is probably my favorite of all the homeschool supplies! I use it to laminate anything that I think will be used more than once. I’ve made a lot of flash cards, phonics cards, and laminated a lot of things from our science curricula. The one I’ve linked is a newer version of the one I’m currently using.

scotch thermal laminator

Erasable Pens

We use these pens every day – way more than we use pencils. They are just another way we try to mix things up and keep it fun. They helped a lot with getting the boys to enjoy handwriting and drawing!

Dry Erase Board

We use this board daily to keep track of what we need to do for school (with our little magnets I made with our laminator). I also use it to hold any vocabulary words or other things we are working on memorizing. I’m pretty sure we originally got this one from Wal-Mart, but it’s available from Amazon too.

dry erase board for homeschool

Wet Erase Markers

We prefer these to dry erase markers, which always seem to leave some kind of residue behind that makes the board look dirty. The wet erase markers clean up nicely with a baby wipe, and we’ve got lots of those laying around!

Expo wet erase markers

Read Aloud Books

We like to get a lot of our read aloud books from The Good and The Beautiful Library. They have a great selection of wholesome literature. If you prefer books that are available on Amazon, I listed a few of our favorites in this post. We also use (and love) the Epic! Books for Kids app for audiobooks and read-to-me books.

Read aloud books for homeschool
Homeschool Supplies

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