Gardening My Garden

Blog Updates and Ready For Fall

You may or may not have noticed, but I’ve been messing with my blog again… I’m sorry for any down time or weird glitches that may have interrupted your reading! I decided to dive back into the world of self-hosted WordPress and I forgot how complex it can be. Finding a host, a theme, optimizing, managing plugins, and more. I’ve finally accepted that it’s definitely the most bang for your buck though, and I’m all about that.

Cute baby
He’s just too adorable not to throw in a picture here and there

I think I’m mostly done with all the difficult transition stuff now and can get back to my favorite part: documenting memories. Hopefully the changes I’ve made will make for a better overall experience for both you and me. I’m loving it so far! I’ve still got a little work to do, so let me know if you notice anything that doesn’t seem to be working properly and I’ll get it fixed asap. You can leave me a comment (which actually works now!) or use the contact page to get in touch.

Ready for Fall

I’ve hit that point where I’m over summer and I’m ready for fall. The pumpkins are starting to ripen, and it makes me so excited for the holiday season! We have 3 big pumpkins and tons of little pumpkins to decorate with. It’s gonna be so much fun! I love that I grew my own decorations!

Mini decorative pumpkin

I’m even excited for holiday cooking. A couple days ago I roasted a whole chicken in the slow cooker. I always follow this recipe and it turns out amazing every time! Once we finished eating it, I threw the carcass back into the slow cooker and made some bone broth with veggies and herbs from my garden. I love making bone broth. The house always smells so good, and it’s SO yummy. I really love this homesteading thing!

Cooking bone broth

Speaking of my herb garden, my chamomile finally shot up and is producing tons! I harvest a big handful of flowers every other day, and I’m trying my hand at drying them. It takes forever… Gardening teaches me patience.

German chamomile
My awesome German chamomile
Herb garden
Starting from the left, we have basil, thyme, oregano, sage, dill, and some strawberries way at the end.

Happy September 1st!


  1. I love herbs. Found a stray basil plant in my garden the other day. What a surprise wonderful find! Love to dry basil for cooking.


    1. Awesome!! I’ve got lots of lemon balm and basil right now. I’m gonna try drying my herbs in a dehydrator. I tried just letting them air dry but I think it’s too humid here 🤦


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