About April’s Happy Place

Well hello there! Welcome to my Happy Place. I’m April, the mom/teacher/writer behind the blog.

Here’s the whole Cleaver gang on Halloween. That seems to be the only time we ever think to take family pictures…

Starting from the left we have April (Hogwarts Student), Rhett (Paw Patrol Puppy), Ryan (Captain America, but better looking), Mason (Jack-o-lantern), and Kender (Black Panther).

Some things to know about me:

  1. I love Dr Pepper. 
  2. I love blogging.
  3. I love gardening.
  4. I love taking pictures.
  5. I love designing things.
  6. I sometimes love drawing.
  7. I’m married to a handsome deputy.
  8. I have three little boys.
  9. I homeschool those little boys.
  10. Life is crazy.

Why April’s Happy Place?

I chose the name “April’s Happy Place” for this blog because this is a place for me to document and share the things I love most in life. You’ll probably be seeing lots of posts about homeschool, gardening, and mothering. I really love those things! 

Want More?

For more about our family, check out my Introduction post. You can also follow along with us on Instagram.